PV Maintenance & Servicing

Photovoltaic system maintenance for reliable performance efficiency & safety

Photovoltaic Maintenance

To maintain a long service life and operational reliability of photovoltaic systems, regular maintenance or servicing is highly recommended. At WWS Energy Solutions, we offer first-class services from experienced professionals to ensure consistently high yields from your solar system.

Photovoltaik Wartung und Instandhaltung durch Qualitätscheck und Sichtkontrolle

Test & Control

Regular visual inspection ✓
Safety checks ✓
Quality control ✓

Photovoltaik Wartung und Reparatur Service für Solaranlagen von WWS Energy Solutions

Repair & Refurbishment

Damage assessment & repair ✓
Replacement of modules & cables ✓
Procurement of new spare parts ✓

Reinigung Photovoltaikanlagen und Wartungsservice WWS Energy Solutions

Photovoltaic Cleaning

Removal of soiling ✓
Modern techniques & equipment ✓
Experienced cleaning teams ✓

Quality promise

In expert circles, the service life of PV systems or solar modules is classified as approx. 20 to 30 years, which also corresponds to many manufacturers' guarantees. Important for this: Good PV planning in advance, high quality of the modules, mounting racks, inverters and regular maintenance & care.



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FAQ Photovoltaik Wartung und Reinigung von Solaranlagen WWS Energy Solutions in Böblingen und Würzburg

Top 3 FAQ PV Maintenance

Our TOP 3 FAQ for photovoltaic system maintenance or servicing. You can also contact our experts and make an appointment.

Is there an obligation for PV maintenance?

There is no legal obligation to maintain private photovoltaic systems. However, there is a maintenance obligation for commercially used PV systems.

A regular visual inspection (e.g. every 4 years) of your solar system makes sense in order to prevent damage (insurance), errors or yield losses.

When is solar cleaning worthwhile?

In the case of stubborn dirt or harmful plant growth, photovoltaic cleaning is useful to generate the maximum power in the long term.

In general, solar cleaning is recommended approx. every 5-6 years. How long no PV cleaning is necessary depends on influencing factors such as the quality of the modules, the location and orientation of the PV system and the regional climate at the site itself.

How much does a PV inspection cost?

As is so often the case with fixed price issues, it is not possible to make a clear or serious statement about the cost or price of a PV inspection and cleaning.

Among other things, the factors age, condition and size of the PV system are decisive. It is important to have a professional inspection of the solar system (modules, mounting frame, cables, etc.) and the other components, such as inverters or electricity storage. Routine PV maintenance (without defects) costs approx. 100 - 250€ (without guarantee).

Maintenance Request

We refurbish, clean and optimize your PV system.

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