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Planning photovoltaic systems " Consulting, testing & cost analysis

PV Systems Planning

We plan your individual as well as professional photovoltaic system on your roof. Our qualified experts check all important prerequisites or criteria, such as location, roof orientation, building requirements or correct dimensioning.

On the basis of our professional analysis, we plan your (new) PV system on the roof with regard to size, personal requirements as well as desired budget, in order to profit maximally efficiently from the self-sufficient solar power. Finally, we advise you on important points such as subsidies, meter connections, solar module type, reporting requirements and PV commissioning.

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From the planning of your photovoltaic system to the installation and assembly to the commissioning and maintenance, at WWS Energy Solutions you get all services conveniently from a single source. Get your appointment now for the fast and uncomplicated realization of a solar system.


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Fachgerechte Planung von Photovoltaikanlagen auf dem Dach von WWS Energy Solutions

Top 3 FAQ PV-Planning

The TOP 3 FAQ for professional planning of photovoltaic systems answer the most frequently asked questions in advance. For your request please contact our experts!

What does a PV system cost?

Probably the most frequently asked question about photovoltaic systems. It is not possible to give a general answer, because it depends on many factors.

Cost factors are e.g. size of the solar plant, power storage, roof type or warranty. Realistic are e.g. (estimated) investments from 15,000€ for a 5.5 kWp PV system without storage. Our planners will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for your residential or commercial building.

Is it worth having a Power Storage?

Experience shows that (battery) storage (service life 10 - 15 years) is worthwhile for solar systems, because otherwise you can only use about 25 to 40% of the energy.

With storage, the usable self-consumption is increased to about 75 - 80%. Important is the right size of the storage in relation to the PV system and the clear cost advantage of own electricity compared to that from the public grid.

Photovoltaic promotion 2023?

The 2023 state subsidy for solar power from photovoltaic systems includes:

  • Elimination of VAT on supplies & installations of PV systems up to 30 kWp, PV accessories such as storage, solar cables, inverters and spare parts.
  • Elimination of income tax on PV systems up to 15 or 30 kWp capacity.
  • No limit on feed-in power up to 25 kWp (previously 70% cap).
  • Favorable KfW loans - particularly attractive with sufficient equity.

Our expert planners will also be happy to advise you on state subsidies.

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