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Professionals Recruitment

We place temporary and contract workers and offer temporary employment of skilled workers for the solar and photovoltaic industry. We are specialized in (long-term) personnel placement in the main areas of assembly service and installation for photovoltaic systems.

Frei verfügbare Solarmonteure und Solartechniker finden bei WWS Energy Solutions via Fachkräftevermittlung an PV-Analgen Privatkunden

Private Customers

For a quick realization of PV systems, we provide solar installers for private customers.

Fachkräfte Personalvermittlung für Solar-Fachbetriebe Gewerbe- und Firmenkunden zur Photovoltaik Montage in Böblingen und Umgebung

Business Customers

We provide business customers with solar technicians or installers - fast & cheap.

B2B-Personalvermittlung Fachkräfte und Elektriker zur Montage und Installation von Photovoltaikanlagen finden bei WWS Energy Solutions


Hardly any staff for your customer orders? We help B2B specialist companies!

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Our specialists for photovoltaic assembly, technology and electrics are always an excellent choice for your project thanks to their qualifications and experience. Competent, motivated and experienced, they are at your disposal as expert workers and save you a lot of time & money!


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FAQ Personalvermittlung Leiharbeit und Arbeitnehmerüberlassung von Fachkräften zur Photovoltaik Montage mit WWS Energy Solutions

FAQ Recruitment

For a high level of transparency as well as seriousness towards our customers, we will of course provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about our recruitment services.

Where do your professionals come from?

WWS Energy Solutions specializes in the recruitment of professionals from Germany and abroad. Our large network allows us to provide the ideal team for you from a large pool of workers. 

Of course, all employees are based in Germany and the German or English language is a basic requirement for parts in any team.

What does a mediation cost?

As with many projects in the trade, costs are calculated from factors such as:

  • Approach route
  • Project size
  • Working days on site
  • Necessary material
  • Special requests, etc.

We at WWS Energy Solutions will be happy to provide you with an individual offer!

Possibility of a takeover?

WWS Energy Solutions has set itself the task of sustainably improving the problem of the shortage of skilled workers in the solar/photovoltaic industry.

Since we employ internal as well as external staff or service providers, long-term or permanent takeovers of teams are quite possible. However, this is not guaranteed across the board, but always depends on the situation.

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